Timber Windows or UPVC Windows?

Timber window
The decision over what type of window frames to have is one which thousands of property owners, renovators and home builders have to face every day. It isn’t always easy to decide exactly which type of window frame is the best – timber windows do have many advantages although are sometimes more expensive to purchase in the first place.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the many benefits of fitting timber windows into your property;

  • Timber windows are much friendlier to the environment than any type of UPVC window, and we all know how important that is these days. You can’t actually get much more environmentally friendly than natural timber from a renewable source – timber really does grow on trees.
  • Timber windows will generally last much longer than their UPVC equivalents. Think about it – some timber window frames are still going strong ten, twenty, even hundreds of years after they were first installed. Modern timber window frames have been reported to last at least double the amount of time of UPVC window frames.
  • Timber window frames are helpful to the environment in another way too. They have something called a GWP – aka a negative “Global Warming Potential” which means that they can actually help to reduce CO2 levels in the atmosphere over more than 60 years. Helping the fight against global warming is a very worthwhile fight as we all know.
  • Timber windows may cost more at the outset but can actually help you to save money over the long term.
  • Timber windows have a natural charm which can never be matched by UPVC window frames – they might try to copy some of the effects but they will never be able to match the beauty and versatility of natural wood.

I think that’s covered it all don’t you – timber window frames are definitely a great choice. Contact Us to find out more about timber windows or any other windows that interest you.

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